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Fire-retardant paint for metal as an effective means against fire
Due to the high strength and simple fast installation metal structures are the foundation of many buildings and structures. But without additional fire protection metal bearing supports and joists of beams when heated to 500 ° C are deformed in 15-20 minutes, causing the risk of collapse of the building.
Firebioprotective wood impregnation: operation principle and selection criteria
Wood is most susceptible to destruction from pests of all the building materials, and in the event of a fire, untreated wooden structures crumble within 15-20 minutes. Professional flame retardant protection for wood provides effective protection against fire, mold, fungus and insects.
Autonomous fire extinguishing systems: aerosol vs gas systems
The most effective methods of active fire protection include autonomous firefighting systems. They independently detect fire and extinguish the flame even if there are no power supplies and external control systems. Autonomous fire extinguishing should not be confused with automatic, because automatic systems need power and are started when the corresponding command comes from the control equipment.
Fire protection of air ducts, ventilation and systems of smoke removal
System of ventilation and smoke removal — the extensive network of air ducts passing through all building. In case of fire this network constitutes big danger to people, property and building constructions of an object.
Fire extinguishing systems in archives
In archives, libraries, book-depositories the huge mass of papers of information which represents sometimes great cultural, historical, practical value are concentrated.
Fire safety service stations
Petrol stations can be attributed to the objects with a high risk of fire due to the large amounts of combustible materials and explosive vapor concentrations. In this regard, at the gas station are increased requirements for fire safety, in particular, to equip the automatic fire extinguishing agents.
Fire safety in transport
People are always wary of fire - a powerful element that is difficult to control in all conditions, including in public transport.
Automatic fire-fighting
Automatic fire suppression system - an effective way to prevent the spread of open flames indoors and eliminate fire in case of fire.
Modules automatic fire-extinguishing
Depending on the extinguishing agent extinguishing systems have following classification.
Advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing generator
In order to successfully put out fires and save lives, health and property, aerosol fire extinguishing generators are now widely used. Their principle of operation is significantly different from the principle of the traditional means of extinguishing a fire, which leads to a number of advantages of such equipment.
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