JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа"

JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа" is a leading manufacturer of fire-extinguishing aerosol generators and aerosol fire extinguishing systems.

All generators are designed by experts of R & D and manufactured in the company’s factory in Tver. The development of the enterprise is protected by dozens of patents. The production base area is 8000 square meters and is equipped with the most modern and high-tech equipment.

JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа" today - is:

  • Fire-extinguishing aerosol generators of various modifications.

  • Development of fire-extinguishing systems for stationary objects and transport.

  • The latest research and development in the field of aerosol fire.

  • Production of modern high-performance fire-retardant materials for metal structures.

  • Development of fire protection systems of various areas.


  • AGS-6/1
  • AGS-6/2
  • AGS-7-1
  • AGS-7/2
  • AGS-8/1
  • AGS-8/2
  • AGS-11/1
  • AGS-11/2
  • AGS-11/3
  • AGS-11/4
  • AGS-11/5
  • AGS-11/6
  • AGS 12/0,1
  • AGS 12/0,3
  • AGS 12/0,6
  • AGS 12/1,1
  • AGS 12/2,2
  • AGS-15/1
  • AGS-15/2
  • VUD
  • VEL
  • VR-7.5
  • VTH
  • VTR
  • VRTH-7.5
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Пожарная безопасность детских дошкольных и образовательных учреждений
Здания, где пребывают дети, требуют особого подхода к противопожарной защите. Пожарная безопасность в образовательных учреждениях и детских садах предполагает целый комплекс мероприятий — от автоматической системы огнетушения до спецобработки эвакуационных путей (огнезащитные краски и покрытия). В случае ЧС важно не допустить распространения пламени. Для этого в потенциально опасных местах, таких как щитки и прочие электроустановки, целесообразно использовать автономные огнетушители, например, аэрозольные генераторы.
Fire-retardant paint for metal as an effective means against fire
Due to the high strength and simple fast installation metal structures are the foundation of many buildings and structures. But without additional fire protection metal bearing supports and joists of beams when heated to 500 ° C are deformed in 15-20 minutes, causing the risk of collapse of the building.
Firebioprotective wood impregnation: operation principle and selection criteria
Wood is most susceptible to destruction from pests of all the building materials, and in the event of a fire, untreated wooden structures crumble within 15-20 minutes. Professional flame retardant protection for wood provides effective protection against fire, mold, fungus and insects.
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