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Manual Start-up Remote

Used in aerosol fire-extinguishing installations as a device that allows to manually activate sets of fire-extinguishing aerosol generators. Also acts as a source of power in the autonomous fire-fighting facilities.

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The Manual Start-up Remote is designed to generate an electrical impulse for the closure of the contact group, or manually triggered thermal lock TPE-1. It is designed for continuous work around the clock and is used in heated and unheated enclosed spaces for different purposes.

Operating temperature range (constant) from - 50 ° C to + 80 ° C.

The manufacturer's warranty:

Warranty period - two years, including one year of storage.

Exploitation Period - 5 years, including 1 year of storage.

Service life - at least 10 years.


Depending on the operating conditions, it is made in the following versions:

  • RHP-30 – to activate 30 fire-extinguishing aerosol generators;
  • RHP-10 – to activate 10 fire-extinguishing aerosol generators.

RPP can be made without an internal power supply with a mechanical manual start-up, which increases its lifespan, but excludes the possibility of starting from TPE-1.

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Startup elements for aerosol fire-extinguishing generators
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