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Quality policy

Our main objective:

Customer satisfaction in domestic and foreign markets, improving the competitiveness of the firm and maintaining a stable profit in order to continue developing products in the interests of clients.

Values ​​and Commitments

Focusing on customers

  • Working with prior clients with regard to their changing needs and preferences and obtaining new customers.
  • The company is committed to continuously improve efforts to identify and meet the needs of customers everywhere, and in each case.


  • The leadership provides all the conditions necessary for the realization of the values ​​of the company.
  • Attentiveness, a leading role and personal involvement in the management of quality.

The quality of our products begins with suppliers. We establish mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers for consistency purposes of joint actions to address the needs of consumers.


Our company executives provide each employee with the opportunities to advance their qualification and to participate in the continuous improvement of products and processes. Issues regarding quality relate to each employee. Since every team member contributes to the achievement of the common goals of quality, employees should:

  • assume the role of quality as the most important element in the development of the company;
  • flawlessly carry out their work;
  • prevent their mistakes and the mistakes of others;
  • be responsible for the quality.


Upholding excellence requires continuous improvement of all processes and products. This means that no matter how good and effective our products and performance is, we always strive to make it as flawless as possible.

We associate product quality and optimal working conditions with the modernization and upgrading of production, and this is where we strive to attract investment.

Our work principle is to prevent the emergence of problems, rather than to eliminate the consequences after they occur.

Any and all inconsistencies are identified in order to eliminate the causes

Achieving high quality is ensured by the establishment and development of the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and continuous improvement throughout all departments of the company.

 Top management takes responsibility for the implementation of this policy in terms of quality, compliance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.