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Will the AGS generator work at an elevated temperature? For example, if a section of a locomotive is burning, but for whatever reason the impulse is not sent to the generator’s activation starter.

In order for the AGS generator to work, it is necessary for the temperature at the location to exceed the required limit. The auto-ignition temperature of the aerosol component is 711’C, the self-operating temperature of the activation starter, (if, for example, it is the external activation uni VEL) is not less than 250’C. Thus, even if the generator activates during a fire, this does not solve the problem of extinguishing the fire, since in the locomotive section, there is a minimum of 4 generators (different quantity of generators depending on different settings.) The activation of one or even all of the generators, at different time intervals does not allow for the necessary amount of fire-extinguishing aerosol to enter the area and to put out the fire.

After the VELTH (VEE) activation node is set off, is the trigger circuit cut off?

Yes, the trigger circuit breaks off.

It is possible to remove the “injector” from the AGS-7/1? Is it just a hollow tube that directs the spray?

Removing the injector from the generator is not recommend since it is where the mixing of the gas-aerosol mixture and air takes place, due to which the temperature of the fire-extinguishing aerosol decreases as it is releases. Removing the injector would change the thermal fields.

The exploitation period of the AGS-7 generators that we are using will soon end. Is it possible to use them after the term of use is over? If so, what needs to be done? Which actions needs to be taken with the aforementioned equipment at the end of it’s exploitation period?

After the end of the generator’s exploitation period, it cannot be operated. It’s term can be extended by ordering expert examination of the generators in the facility. The exploitation period can be extended depending on the results of the examination, as long as it does not exceed the service period. At the end of a generator’s service period, it must be disposed of.

I want to install the fire extinguishing system AGS 8/2 on a cable floor. On the floor there is a cable route of 6000 W. Are these fitting conditions for this system?

According to the specifications for generators, designed for extinguishing fire with aerosol spray and for its supply to the protected spaces of fires Class A2 and Class B, as well as localization of fires subclass A1 in extinguishing fires in rooms with cables, rooms with electrical installations and electrical equipment under voltage, voltage rating in electrical installations is determined based on the value of the breakdown voltage of the environment of "spray + air."

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