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Flame retardants

Flame Retardant HCA LW
Protection of metal constructions
Fire protection coating, water-based fire protection of metal structures. Подробнее
Firebioprotective wood impregnation HCA-BS
Wooden structures protection
Для повышения огнестойкости деревянных конструкций и биозащиты древесины от вредоносных грибков, насекомых и их личинок Подробнее

Fire retardants are used to increase the fire resistance of construction (metal and wooden) structures. Such retardants include fire retardant paints, varnishes, various pastes, as well as fire retardant impregnation for wooden products.

The required fire resistance limits for various purposes buildings are regulated by Federal Law No. 123 of 22.07.2008, as well as by various Building Codes and Regulations and GOST.

Fire protection compounds can be divided into two groups characterizing the principle of their action:

  • Fire retardant compositions swelling when heated. When exposed to high temperatures the thickness of the coating deposited on the surface increases many times and prevents the spread of the flame;
  • Compositions that produce a non-combustible gas (for wood) or form an incombustible protective film (for metal structures) when heated.


The composition of fire retardant coatings include fire retardants – a group of chemical compounds that prevent the spread of flame (sodium phosphate, ammonium sulfate, a mixture of borax and boric acid, etc.).

Advantages of using flame retardants

The coating with flame retardant composition allows:

  • Increase the fire resistance of building structures, increase resistance to fire;
  • Extend the life of buildings and structures;
  • Increase corrosion resistance (for metals), prevent the appearance of mold (for wooden structures).


Scope of fire retardant coatings

Fire-retardant coatings are used in industrial and civil construction to increase the fire resistance of the entire building or individual rooms (evacuation exits, switchboards, etc.), individual structures – air ducts for ventilation and smoke removal, cable tunnels.

Widespread in individual construction have received fireproof impregnation for wooden structures. Buy fire retardant is necessary when building a house or a sauna with a wood stove.

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