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Electrical Heat Starter - TPE

Used in aerosol fire-extinguishing installations as an incentive device to ignite the fire-extinguishing aerosol generators.

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Thermal starter is designed for the issue or passing an electrical pulse when the temperature rises above the temperature of the thermal lock sprinklers, installed in the starter.

The Electrical Heat Starter-1 is designed for continuous work around the clock and is used in heated and unheated enclosed spaces for different purposes.

The manufacturer's warranty:

The warranty period for the TPE-1 - two years, including one year of storage.
Exploitation period of TPE-1 - 5 years, including 1 year of storage.
Service life TPE-1 - at least 10 years.


Output electrical characteristics:

Voltage 3

0.6 A (at an external load 5 ohms)

Operating temperature range

from - 50 ° to + 80 ° C.


Depending on the operating conditions the starter is manufactured in the following versions:




The letter "B" in the name means the presence of a battery for starting the generator.
The letter "T" in the title means that the product is manufactured in the transport version on a special bracket.
The letter "G" in the name means that the device TPE-1 can be produced in a sealed design.

Depending on the purpose of the project the starter kit may not include a battery, which is reflected in the name and passport - the lack of an index "B".

Device TPE-1 is available with different temperature ratings from 57 ° C to 163 ° C

The area controlled by one device (with a room height of 10 meters) is not more than 18m2.

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