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Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Generator AGS-6/1

Designed for generating a gas-aerosol mixture at the concentrations required to stop a fire.

AGS-6/1 is recommended for the protection of electronic equipment, high-voltage power installations, various high-frequency devices operating in vehicles, as well as for the protection of vehicles, since it corresponds to the requirements for vibration loads on railway / road and air transport .

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Activation units

* Type of the activation unit selected by the customer and installed in the generator

Maximum protected volume in sealed room 
(d * <0,001 m-1)

3.2 m3

Curb weight of the generator

1.4 kg

Weight of aerosol charge

0.35 kg

Working time




150 mm


93 mm

Activation unit

BP-7.5-7.5 VRTH


Resistance of the activation unit

7.5-8.0 ohms

2.5 - 4 ohms

Minimum start-up current

0.4 А

Starting voltage

In 12,0-24,0

1.5 - 24.0 V

The duration of the trigger pulse

not less than 1.5 sec

not less than 0.1 sec

The inertia of the generator start

<1.5 sec

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature Range

± 50 °С.

relative humidity at 25 ° C.

98 %

mechanical influences (in the frequency range up to 100 Hz)


Classes of fire-fighting

Question to purchase AGS-6/1

Mandatory field.

With contact cooling
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