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Fire safety facilities

The possibility of a fire is a potential danger to the premises for any purpose. Many of the materials used in the construction of buildings and structures, ignited by open flames or sparks, as during combustion emit toxic substances hazardous to human health. As a result, a fire can cause great material losses and even casualties. To avoid the risk of fire, in each building, and the construction should be a reliable extinguishing system, which will ensure the safety of people and will help to keep the property.

Ensure there is fire safety of the facility must be at the design stage. Today, there are clearly defined standards and requirements under which the risk of fire is greatly reduced. But the final choice of a particular building fire fighting system depends on many parameters such as the area of the project, its purpose, climatic conditions and other characteristics of its operation

Space extinguishing systems:

There are the following types of systems for the fighting fires in buildings and plants: water, foam, gas, powder and aerosol. The aerosol fire extinguishing systems have several advantages over other systems above:

  • High efficiency.

Carried out in conjunction with the Fire Prevention trials have shown that the aerosol fire extinguishing systems have the highest fire-extinguishing capacity of all fire extinguishing agents (q = 0,05 kg / m).

  • Resistant to high and low temperatures.

Systems of aerosol fire-extinguishing can be used in different climatic conditions in the temperature range of -50 C to 50 C.

  • Ability to extinguish electrical without stress relief.
  • Easy installation and operation.

Aerosol fire-extinguishing systems do not require installation of additional equipment and communications supply, and almost do not need subsequent maintenance. After triggering the aerosol generator can be easily removed from the surface of objects with a vacuum cleaner or a wet cleaning.

  • harmlessness and environmental friendliness.

The content of harmful substances in the air does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration at the generator is activated. The spray does not harm the ozone layer of the planet.

In general, aerosol fire extinguishing method is used in the production facilities (warehouses, workshops, garages, carports), as well as in administrative buildings and offices. When designing fire-extinguishing systems in buildings should take into account the object area, the ambient temperature, the availability of equipment, and other factors .. systems are mounted without stopping the production cycles, suitable for extinguishing electrical installations, do not spoil the expensive equipment safe for human health.

Extinguishing Systems of premises NPG Granit-Salamandra

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Our product range includes a variety of modifications of aerosol generators designed for objects of various sizes. Our products are of high quality and reliability and is able to provide fire safety of buildings for any purpose.

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