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Equipment for organization of aerosol fire-extinguishing systems

Aerosol fire - the most effective way of ensuring fire safety in confined spaces. As a extinguishing agents act aerosol extinguishing generators. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the ability of gas-aerosol mixture to inhibit the combustion reaction.

Compared with water and powder extinguishing installation spray systems have many advantages. It:

  • High-performance - aerosol generators do not require recharging, is able to operate in conditions of high humidity (98%), can be operated at temperatures of +/- 50 ° C;
  • simple installation - installation of fire extinguishing systems is carried out in the shortest possible time without stopping the production process as well as stand-alone generators do not need to connect to communications;
  • safe and clean - spray does not cause critical harm to human health, does not spoil the property, does not pollute the environment;
  • cost-effective - aerosol fire extinguishing means cheaper water and powder equipment and does not require costly installation work .

    The main differences of aerosol fire extinguishing generators

    There are many types of aerosol fire extinguishing devices, which differ in technical, operational and other characteristics. Among the main parameters of classifying Goa, can be identified:
    • Volume to be protected. The range of products of JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandra" include generators that provide fire-extinguishing concentration of aerosol inside closed objects up from 2.2 to 134 m3.
    • The response time. Depending on the starting node aerosol fire-extinguishing units can operate in automatic or manual mode. For example, the generator operational use AGS-5P is equipped with a grating start node, which operates in 9 seconds after the leap rope loop (this time is enough to throw the fire-fighting unit in the burning room). Heat generators (thermochemical) start running in node fully autonomous mode and run at ambient heating medium to 180 ° C. The aerosol fire extinguishing devices with electric start button or remote control included. When you combine a group of generators electrical impulse enables the simultaneous operation of all elements of the system.
    • Destination. Aerosol fire-fighting units can be used for fire protection of large industrial workshops and warehouses, parking lots and garages, road, rail and water transport of high-voltage power-plants and other objects. The main criterion for the selection of equipment is a component of the protected volume. The best option for large rooms - installation of fire extinguishing systems, which include several Goa .
      • popular models
         AGS 11/6  AGS 6/2  AGS 8/2  AGS 7/2
        AGS 11/6
        time - 40 seconds.
        volume - 48 m3
        AGS 6/2
        time - 37 seconds.
        volume - 52 m3
        AGS 8/2
        time - 165 sec.
        volume - 124 m3
        AGS 7/2
        time - 165 sec.
        volume - 134 m3 Select extinguishing generator

        Aerosol fire extinguishing systems extinguishing aerosol generators can be operated individually or in a group.

        For electric vehicles, and only one generator, at the facilities of medium and large-area extinguishing system must be installed. In the latter case, you need a whole set of equipment, which includes:

        • generator extinguishing aerosol (their number depends on the index of the protected volume of the module);
        • flame detectors and smoke (siren sound and light board) - show the initial fire hazards and to alert people about the fire;
        • startup items generators - manual ( "Blick" button, the RPP / remote manual start) or automatic (TPE / thermal actuators) . JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandra" - the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for aerosol fire extinguishing systems - offers a wide range of Goa and the accompanying elements. Our experts will help you choose the optimal extinguishing system, taking into account the features of your object.

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