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Automatic fire-fighting

Automatic fire suppression system - it is an effective way to prevent the spread of open flames indoors and eliminate fire in case of fire. Automatic fire extinguishing modules, installed on the site, are activated by a signal sensor (smoke, fire, temperature) so that system performance is not dependent on the human factor. Among the major functions performed by automatic extinguishing , you can identify:

  • a constant control of the temperature and the presence of smoke;
  • warning of fire with the help of light and sound;
  • alarm notification to the remote fire protection;
  • the launch of smoke systems;
  • the closure of fire doors;
  • the supply of extinguishing agent.

In our country, fixed automatic extinguishing installation required for many buildings. This is:

  • underground and surface parking lots, which include more than one floor;
  • warehouses and points of trade combustible materials;
  • one-storey building made of metal, covered with insulation;
  • data centers and other facilities.

In buildings for various purposes (manufacturing, warehouse, commercial, residential), an automatic fire suppression should be carried out in accordance with the characteristics and needs of the facility. For example, the fire safety of small areas can be achieved using single fire extinguishing modules for large objects recommended system solutions. Accordingly, the cost of automatic fire-extinguishing system varies considerably and depends on the system type, number of units, fire extinguishing material, complexity of the project and other factors.

Aerosol fire

The aerosol fire-extinguishing system - the optimum solution for a variety of fire safety facilities. As the fire-extinguishing gas and aerosol mixture of the material used to quickly and efficiently extinguish open flames. The main elements of these systems are aerosol generators (GOA), light and sound detectors, activation units (thermochemical, electrical, scratching). Depending on the type of actuator installation is triggered by increasing the temperature to +180 ° C, activated by remote control or control button. After starting the generators begin to spray the aerosol mixture, it reduces the oxygen content in the air and suppresses the combustion reaction. Fire extinguishing aerosol concentration is maintained for 15-20 minutes, which eliminates the possibility of re-ignition. The system works in fully automatic mode, but for greater reliability generators are equipped with elements of a manual start.

Automatic fire extinguishing system cost depends on the area of the room. A single generator to a car or a high-voltage installation requires minimal costs, and fire-extinguishing system of several Goa will cost more. In any case, the price of automatic fire extinguishing based aerosols is significantly lower than that of other fire extinguishing systems (water, gas, foam, powder).

In addition to a sufficiently low price automatic fire extinguishing systems, consisting of aerosol generators have other advantages. This is:

  • efficiency - GOA do not require periodic recharging, can be operated at high and low ambient temperatures (-50 to +50 ° C) and at sites with up to 98% moisture level;
  • Security - spray aerosol human health is not in serious danger, which facilitates evacuation measures;
  • ecological - the mixture does not pollute the environment. After spraying the aerosol is deposited in the form of flakes. Subsequently, they are easy to remove and do not damage the surface;
  • easy installation - autonomous oscillators do not need to connect to utilities object, so installation work occupy a minimal amount of time


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