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Modules automatic fire-extinguishing

Automatic fire suppression system It is the most effective method of liquidation of fire in case of fire. These systems operate in a fully autonomous and does not require human intervention. Special sensors react to the appearance of the flame and smoke include extinguishing equipment and announcing that allows you to quickly extinguish the fire and to ensure the timely evacuation of people.

Types of automatic fire-extinguishing

Depending on the extinguishing agent fire extinguishing systems have the following classification:

  • water. Automatic fire stations, water-based & ndash; this is a classic, but not the most effective fire protection option. Such systems require connection to utilities, as their performance depends on the availability of water and a powerful electric pump. Besides water installations are not suitable for use at low temperatures, and in the case of causing significant damage to property;
  • powder. When you start the system allocates reactive powdery substances based on mineral salts, which almost instantly eliminate open flame. Despite the high efficiency, powder automatic fire extinguishing systems have limited the scope of – Powder is very poisonous (which is dangerous for humans) and causes corrosion of metal (which leads to damage of vehicles, industrial machinery and equipment);
  • gas. When a fire occurs, the installation emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, halons, which extinguish the fire by reducing the oxygen level and temperature of the medium. The gas mixture does not cause damage to the property, so the system is used on high-tech equipment with facilities in areas with important archival documentation in museum vaults. The main drawback of gas systems & ndash; danger to human health;
  • foam. Extinguishing foam type system suitable for large sites where you store and use flammable substances. The foam quickly locates the source of fire and extinguish the flames, but causes damage to property and the environment;
  • aerosol. Fire-fighting systems on the basis of gas-aerosol mixture & ndash; the best option for indoor. Spray rapidly inhibits the combustion reaction, is harmless to humans, the environment and property. The system is based aerosol generators extinguishing (GOA) and fire fighting equipment provides thermal and electrical nodes launchers. After the liquidation of open flames and turn off the fire-extinguishing installation of the aerosol concentration is maintained for 15 – 20 minutes, which eliminates repeated fires.

Applications of automatic fire extinguishing units

According to regulations, automatic extinguishing installation must always be used in server centers, warehouses and stores of combustible materials, insulated metallokarkasnyh buildings, underground / surface parking lots and other facilities with special requirements for fire safety.

For automatic fire extinguishing car parks better useaerosol systems. As an example, you can bring a covered underground parking, equipped aerosol generators NPG JSC « Granit-Salamandra ». Extinguishing generators scattered throughout the facility, have independent power supply and connected to dispatch controller. Important elements of the installation are detectors that react to smoke, fire and other fire signs include announcing sound and light display and activate the starter generator units. To learn more about the system, look at the video.

Learn more about firefighting indoor parking AO NPG « Granit-Salamandra » &Ndash; a global leader in production of automatic fire-extinguishing systems . We can buy aerosol generators extinguishing agents and starting equipment, book design and installation of fire extinguishing systems, taking into account all the features of your object.

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