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Fire safety in transport

People are always wary of fire - a powerful element that is difficult to control in all conditions, including in public transport. Unfortunately, official statistics are not encouraging: the number of fires in buses and trolleybuses increases from year to year, and leads to the suffering and dying of many people. The is only one way of preventing disaster: quickly put out the fire source.

At the moment, a large number of ground transport fire extinguishing tools and technologies exist. However, not all of them are effective. Moreover, certain means cannot be applied in certain situations.

Why do serious fires occur in vehicles?

A vehicle fire can occur both when the vehicle is stationary and when it is in motion. What happens? The explanation is obvious: there are numerous flammable materials and potential sources of ignition in ground transport, so the risk of fire is always present.

When a bus or trolley bus is in motion, there is no shortage of the oxygen that projects oxidant, so the risk of fire increases manifold. When there is an accident, because of the impact the risk of fire is increased, all issues such as the emotional shock of the driver and passengers, panic and serious injuries can often rob people of mobility and lead to loss of consciousness. All this prevents an adequate response to the situation and the ability to quickly put out the fire. This is why automatic fire extinguishing systems are so important in vehicles.

What problems are solved by automatic extinguishing systems on a vehicle?

The major problem which is solved by using an automatic fire-extinguishing systems - is a timely response to the occurrence of the fire.

Another problem that is solved efficiently - a reliable localization of fires in inaccessible places and extinguishing of the burning units that a regular fire extinguisher would not be able to cope with.

Automatic fire extinguishing in the engine compartment

Installation of an automatic fire extinguishing system with an aerosol fire extinguishing generator of JSC "NPG Granite Salamandra" in the engine compartment of passenger transport helps to prevent serious consequences of the fire.

The system’s control block is installed inside the cabin of the driver and an aerosol fire extinguishing generator is installed inside the engine compartment. It consists of a solid aerosol charge in a metal casing, which is equipped with a cooling system and an automatic activation unit.

If the temperature in the compartment rises to 130 degrees, notifying sound and light signals are sent to the control block in the driver’s cabin. At idle, the driver who may not notice the start of a fire, or as a result of the accident may not be able to intervene, the system is activated automatically when the temperature rises to 180 degrees. Aerosol fire extinguishing mixture is generated to achieve the required concentration to eliminate the fire. Aerosol particles have a small size (5-10 microns), so are therefore able to remain in a suspended state for half an hour, which prevents the recurrence of a fire.

Aerosol fire extinguishing generators have repeatedly proven to be effective in the initial stages of fires, as well as in the conditions if the fire has already spread.

One of the advantages of automatic fire suppression is that there is no requirement to open the hood of the vehicle and come into contact with fire in the engine compartment, which does not increase the flow of oxygen and the fire is eliminated much faster.

The use of fire extinguishing systems inside buses and trolleybuses

Fires inside buses and trolleybuses, which start due to the spread of fires from the cabin, are not uncommon. They happen for different reasons, both in traffic and in case of an accident, but measures to eliminate the burgeoning fire are to be taken immediately. The aerosol fire extinguishing generator AGS-5P is the effective method of fighting this type of fire.

The AGS-5P generator must be activated by pulling the safety pin of the activation unit WOOD. The device operates in 7-10 seconds. This time is sufficient for the fire extinguisher to be safely thrown into the bus or trolley. The resulting aerosol cloud of light particles fills the interior and greatly reduces heat generation, whereby the temperature of the gaseous medium is reduced, and combustion is suppressed. Aerosol concentration in the cabin is maintained for another 10-15 minutes, not allowing the fire to reignite.

Fire-extinguishing system of JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа"

JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа" develops its products in its own research and development sector and manufactures aerosol fire extinguishing installation for use in all types of vehicles. The company is the largest supplier of aerosol fire-extinguishing generators of European quality not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Fire-extinguishing aerosol in a wide range manufactured in the city of Tver.

JSC "NPG Granit- Salamandra" - designer and manufacturer of aerosol fire extinguishing systems - the first company to upgrade aerosol extinguishing technology in the 1980’s-1990’s. Now the company is a leader in the breadth and scope of its product range, offering a different mode of cooling circuit systems of different sizes. The products passed the test of time and has proven to effectively prevent and localize serious fire hazards in all transport.

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