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Fire safety categories

According to local legislation fire safety is one of the most important functions of legal entities carrying out commercial or economic activities on the territory of Russia. This applies to all organizational and legal forms. Therefore, the design process of any industrial or utility room, as a rule, begins with the assignment of categories of explosive erected objects.

Fire hazard Category facilities qualifies depending on the type, quality and quantity characteristics of substances and materials that are subject to storage, processing and handling at the site.

The class definition is done by calculation in accordance with the "Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements". Implemented calculation of the total area and height of the room, checking the availability of emergency ventilation systems, load distribution analysis of fire extinguishing systems, as well as identified flammable substances (liquids, gases).

There are 5 main categories (classes) of premises for explosion hazards:

  • For Category A are objects that have a higher degree of explosive. It is a building or premises containing volatile gases, flammable liquids having a flash-point index of less than 28 degrees Celsius, and other substances and compounds that can cause an explosion with an overpressure of more than 5 Pa.
  • category Б up explosive objects that contain flammable substances, compounds and liquids with a flashpoint of more than 28 degrees Celsius and the excess pressure over 5 Pa in the explosion.
  • In category B (B1-B4) includes flammable objects that do not belong to categories A and B contain combustible and readily flammable substances and compounds.
  • Category Г assigned to the objects with a moderate degree of flammability containing combustible substances and materials, the combustion process which is accompanied by heat, sparks or disposal in the form of fuel.
  • Category D consists of objects with a low degree of flammability using incombustible substances and materials staying in the cold state.

Estimated fire safety category defines the need for and the type of fire-resistant walling, windows and doors in the projected production or warehouse. In accordance with the categories of premises fire time is calculated evacuation of people in case of fire, and identifies a number of other indicators, such as the location, number and length of emergency routes and exits.

Categorize explosive premises, buildings and installations - an essential condition for their proper operation. From this figure depends on the need for a fire alarm installation and equipping of fire-extinguishing equipment of various kinds.

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