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Fire safety of garages

Garage Company and private garages are category inflammable objects, which in largely due to the presence of flammable substances fuel gas mixes, oils, paint formulations. To increase the level of fire safety in the garage is necessary to observe appropriate safety precautions and to use modern fire extinguishing system.

Features fires on garage facilities

Local fire in the garages can quickly turn into a large fire. A particular danger for employees and firefighters are possible explosions, as in the garage is full of explosive items fuel tanks, gas cylinders, canisters fuel and etc..

In most cases the garage is not stands and is part of a complex construction. Thecase of fire, one object the fire quickly spread to the all the buildings, which brings great material losses. Moreover, fires in garages affect air pollution. To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to establish an effective fire protection system Garage , capable of early detection of the source of fire and to prevent further spread of fire.

Design Rules garages

The specifics of the garage premises requires a special approach to the project development and carrying out construction work. Garage boxing must always comply with fire safety regulations for road transport enterprises (VPPB 11/01/96) and other normative documents. Strict adherence to all the instructions prevents fire, and in case of fire to minimize material losses.

garages belong to the buildings with the high class of fire danger (constructive and functional). To increase the degree of fire resistance of the garage, you must:

  • to arrange facilities for the workers are not below the 1st underground floor;
  • provide a parking space for cars from the calculation of 2,3 m width and 5 m on the length of one vehicle;
  • to separate the parking place of the other rooms by partitions from the refractory;
  • use for flooring box and ways to move personnel slip materials that are resistant to the effects of combustibles and prevent the spread of fire;
  • provide for people and a sufficient number of escape routes equipment.

Fire-fighting systems for garage businesses

According to NPB-IN-90, BNP-88-2001 and SNIP 21-02-99 in the garage (in non-residential premises) recommended installation of autonomous extinguishing systems. On the today there are three main types of fire extinguishing systems water, powder and ;. Aerosol

The owners of many companies preferred water systems, but often they are not justify themselves water does not extinguish fuel and lubricants, and only limit the spread of fire. In addition, water installations are not operating at a temperature below 0 C, consume large amounts of water and require that a constant pressure present system.

Powder installation effectively extinguish the fire using various chemicals. Such equipment has a high price, and chemicals can cause substantial damage to cars and expensive equipment.

Standalone aerosol fire extinguishing system the most viable option. It is a generator consisting of the solid aerosol forming charge, the starting node and the cooling system. When triggered, the installation forms an aerosol cloud that fills the entire room, and extinguish the fire. After turning off the unit retains the aerosol fire-extinguishing concentration in the for 10 15, minutes, which eliminates re-ignition of the object. In addition, when the aerosol fire extinguishing system activated aerosol cloud zaponyaet all premises garage.

Suitable fire-extinguishing aerosol generator installation:

 AGS 6/2  AGS 7  AGS 8
aerosol fire-extinguishing generator AGS 6/2 aerosol fire-extinguishing generator AGS 7 aerosol fire-extinguishing generator AGS 8

The main advantages of autonomous airborne systems can be distinguished:

  • High Performance in . Compared to other fire extinguishing agents aerosols have the highest fire-extinguishing ability.
  • best price The aerosol generators have a lower cost than water, and powder systems.
  • Easy installation to connect the generator does not. Is required to sum communication and installing additional equipment . .
  • Security The aerosol particles are deposited in the as a powder, which does not damage to human health and the not destroys the ozone layer.
  • saves on. Service After connecting the garage aerosol fire-extinguishing system has not requires overcharging and is constantly ready for the.
  • absence of material injury to the protected object. The powder mixture, which turns the aerosol does not damage the premises and property and can be easily removed from any surface.

Basic fire prevention rules

It is understood that the fire warning is much more economical than the elimination of its consequences. The as security measures necessary to:

  • to establish an effective fire-extinguishing system;
  • do not to clutter the room, and escape routes;
  • in a timely manner to eliminate spills of fuels and lubricants;
  • regularly scavenge;
  • do not to use in the box room open fire;
  • do not to smoke in the wrong places;
  • to carry out instruction for the staff fire safety.

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