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Advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing generator

In order to successfully put out fires and save lives, health and property, aerosol fire extinguishing generators are now widely used. Their principle of operation is significantly different from the principle of the traditional means of extinguishing a fire, which leads to a number of advantages of such equipment.

Variety, features and advantages of aerosol fire extinguishing generators

Different kinds of fire-fighting systems are presented in today's market. To select the most appropriate system one should have a certain level of knowledge ad understanding in this field. Modern manufacturers offer the following types of fire protection systems:

  • water;
  • powder;
  • gas;
  • aerosol;

Currently, one of the most effective method of extinguishing fires is the aerosol fire extinguishing systems, This system is based on the ability of a property of certain types of aerosols to block the combustion process. The aerosol formed during the combustion of the pyrotechnic charge, is capable of being set off even in the absence of oxygen.

Aerosol extinguishing methods are selected primarily because they have the following advantages:

  • Effective extinguishing of fires, including those in large volumes;
  • No harmful effects on the environment;
  • Do not ruin any available property or equipment;
  • Do not require any special maintenance costs;
  • Economical;

Of the disadvantages of these systems is that they are only to be used indoors due to the fact that the release of the aerosol spray happens very quickly and if outdoors, it will not reach the necessary concentration to put out the fire; as well as the inability to use on sites with the presence of very large numbers of people.

Efficiency of the aerosol fire-extinguishing generators use

Aerosol fire-extinguishing generators efficiently produce and deliver aerosol and can extinguish solids and liquids (up to class B), other than that, it can be used to extinguish electrical equipment with greater voltage. In the event of a fire, the activation unit sets off automatically (if the temperature reaches the necessary level) the charge is ignited and the aerosol composition seeps through the exposed membrane and the aerosol begins to fill the designated area in the form of large, white clouds. These clouds quickly fill the room and eliminate fire. ZAO "NPG Granit Salamandra" produces fire-extinguishing aerosol generators of the following types:

  • with injection cooling;
  • labyrinth cooling;
  • contact cooling;
  • air (universal) cooling.

Aerosol fire-extinguishing generators are intended for fire protection facilities of different types of high-voltage installations and vehicles, and are selected depending on the volume to be protected, as well as other characteristics of the protected area.

The cost of aerosol fire-extinguishing generators

With the current variety of fire control options, aerosol fire extinguishing generators are the most accessible and convenient to use. They do not require special installation using expensive equipment and the supply of communications systems, they do not need to be recharged. Fire-extinguishing aerosol immediately begins to act in case of fire. If powder or gas extinguishing methods are in serious need of operational training, with aerosol fire-extinguishing generators that is not the case. Aerosol fire-extinguishing systems are disposable, but their use is very beneficial and cost-effective, because the damage that is able to cause a fire, may be irreparable.

Security application aerosol fire extinguishing generators

Aerosol fire-extinguishing generators are a completely safe and modern means of protection. When using the water system most of the property should be thrown out, as the damage from its activation can be compared with the damage from the fire itself. The damage is just as great when using a powder fire extinguishing system, since powder residue is almost impossible to remove. Using a powder fire extinguishing system around expensive equipment, especially electronic, will destroy the equipment permanently. Aerosol fire extinguishers allow you to keep all equipment in working order. After the elimination of fire spray is easily removed from the surface with a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner, and you do not have to worry about the safety of the equipment and property located in the room. Aerosol fire extinguishing generators favorably differ from natural gas systems, as it does not pose a threat to human health. Observing all precautions, you can safely leave the location of the fire - the system itself will remove the fire of any degree of complexity within half and hour.

Through the development of JSC "NPG Granit Salamandra", modern fire extinguishing aerosol generators significantly reduce the outlet temperature of the aerosol. If earlier it was the value of thousands of degrees, now the outlet temperature of the aerosol varies in the range of 100 ° C.

Aerosol fire extinguishing is not only profitable, but also environmentally friendly technology: a way to eliminate fires which does not lead to the destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

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