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Fire safety service stations

Petrol stations can be attributed to the objects with a high risk of fire due to the large amounts of combustible materials and explosive vapor concentrations. In this regard, at the gas station are increased requirements for fire safety, in particular, to equip the automatic fire extinguishing agents.

Petrol stations: fire safety requirements

There are a set of rules and regulations, which operate gas stations. Equipment, maintenance, security, land planning, fire extinguishing agents - those aspects of the work are regulated by the normative document NPB 111-98 * "Petrol stations. Fire safety requirements. " According to him, at the gas station has to be provided a number of fire-fighting equipment.

Primary fire extinguishing means at the gas station - is a fire extinguisher. Their number is calculated based on the type and quantity of the gas station fuel dispensers. Fire extinguishers are used in cases where it is necessary external fire fighting gas station.

Also, according to the standards fire pond and automatic fire-extinguishing system shall be provided. They are designed to detect fire hazards in a timely manner, to locate them, to prevent the spread of fire and fire at the gas station.

Automatic fire-fighting equipment at the gas station

Automatic installation, according to safety standards must be fitted with a range of facilities and a petrol station sites. Automatic systems should be installed in the fuel storage containers, warehouses, maintenance posts, fuel dispensers, and even shopping halls of shops and petrol stations.

The advantage of automatic fire extinguishing units - in samosrabatyvaniya functions: clock, they control the temperature in the compartment / room where installed, and when it is critical to increase for a few seconds there is an automatic activation of extinguishing aerosol generator that eliminates the source of fire.

The causes of fire at different gas stations (electrical fault, negligence, failure to comply with fire safety regulations), but the fire is always damaging to the surrounding buildings and are dangerous to human life. Therefore, you must take responsibility for the selection of equipment for the prevention and elimination of fire, to check and use of fire extinguishers at the gas station.

"NPG Granit-Salamandra" The company produces a wide range of generators and automatic aerosol fire extinguishing systems that effectively protect against fires and various objects have been successfully applied at the gas station.

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