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Firefighting in the boiler room

Boiler – a technical room intended for heating the coolant and transmission in water and heating systems. In view of the complex and explosive equipment and the use of different fuels, boilers necessarily equipped with a fire alarm system and effective fire extinguishing .

An accident on such objects occur in the explosion or ignition of the boiler, which happens due to equipment failure or breach on the part of personnel safety. This may be a boiler kindling flammable liquids (gasoline, kerosene), lack of control over serviceability of electrical wiring, untimely cleaning of combustible dust. In case of emergency duly fire fighting boiler allows you to quickly evacuate the personnel and minimize property damage.

Fire extinguishing means in the boiler room should be chosen depending on the type of object. Modern boilers are classified:

  • Fuel & ndash; gas, solid fuel, liquid fuel;
  • on coolant & ndash; water, steam, mixed;
  • to place & ndash; built-in, self-contained, roof, modular, and others.

Depending on the type of boiler have different categories of fire and explosion, ie extinguishing gas boiler will have their features in comparison with other kinds of objects. The regulatory framework Rules for the choice and installation of fire extinguishing systems in the boiler spelled out in laws and regulations – it is:

    • The Federal Law of 21.07.1997 number 116-FZ laquo; About industrial safety of dangerous production facilities »;
    • The order of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation of March 24, 2003 № 115 « On approval of Rules of technical operation of thermal power plants »;
    • RTN Order dated March 25, 2014 number 116 « On approval of Federal regulations in the field of industrial safety & laquo; industrial safety rules hazardous industrial facilities that use equipment operating under excessive pressure »;
    • SP 89.13330.2012 « Boilers. The updated edition of SNiP II-35-76 » ;;
    • SP 5.13130.2009 « fire protection system. Installation of fire alarm and fire automatic. Norms and rules of designing » ;;
    • SP 3.13130.2009 « fire protection system. evacuation in case of fire alarm and control system. Fire safety requirements »;
    • SP 4.13130.2013 « fire protection systems. Limiting the spread of fire to protect the lens. Requirements for space planning and design solutions ».

Aerosol fire extinguishing for boiler

Fire extinguishing system based aerosol – Optimal variant for safety boiler. When an emergency situation occurs start extinguishing generators, then the room is filled with a special spray mix. Cloud Aerosol quickly suppresses the combustion reaction and maintains fire-extinguishing concentration of 15 & ndash; 20 minutes, which prevents repeated fires.

The benefits of aerosol systems:

        • High-performance – aerosol mixture has the best extinguishing properties of all fire extinguishing agents;
        • affordable price – aerosol fire-extinguishing system is cheaper than other types of equipment and construction works require minimal costs;
        • wide temperature range – generators able to operate at high and low ambient temperatures (-50 to +50 & deg; C);
        • Security – aerosol formulations do not cause appreciable harm to the person, do not pollute the environment, do not spoil the equipment and property.

The Company NPG & laquo; Granit-Salamandra & raquo; You can buy aerosol fire-extinguishing system for the boiler house, ordered the project development and installation of equipment. To consult with a specialist, please call the contact phone number or ask a question via the feedback form.

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