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Fire protection of air ducts, ventilation and systems of smoke removal

The ventilation and smoke removal system is a branched network of air ducts that runs through the entire building. In the event of a fire, this network poses a great danger to people, property and building structures of the facility. Through the damaged duct, the fire can penetrate other fire compartments, ignite the overlapping in the areas of communication. But smoke and poisonous combustion products, which are rapidly spreading under the influence of air traction, are particularly dangerous. According to statistics, it is carbon monoxide poisoning that is the main cause of death in a fire.

In our country, air ducts are traditionally made of sheet steel (0.8 mm) - in a fire, it collapses within 15 minutes. Additional fire protection of ventilation increases the fire resistance of air ducts to 60-240 minutes, that is, people have additional time to evacuate to the safe zone.

Fire protection of smoke exhaust ducts by constructive and chemical method. Constructional protection, for example, a mechanical shield made from incombustible basalt fiber, is very effective, but has a number of disadvantages: expensive materials, long and time-consuming installation, considerable weighting of the ventilation network. In this regard, the chemical method is more in demand - covering the air ducts with a fire retardant compound (special plaster or paint). Such materials are cheaper, easily and quickly applied, almost do not weight the design. True, the thickness and integrity of the coatings must be constantly monitored, especially in places with a high level of humidity and the likelihood of mechanical damage.

What objects need fire protection of ventilation systems?

Warehouses of highly flammable materials. Chemical, oil and gas, steel foundries. Boilers, heat and power plants. Administrative and public buildings. Business and shopping and entertainment centers. Multi-apartment houses.

How does the fire retardant for air ducts work?

With a strong heating and under the influence of flame, the flame retardant coating foams and increases 50 times or more in comparison with the original thickness. A porous protective shield with an inert gas creates a physical barrier in the way of fire, protects the metal from excessive heating and destruction. When selecting a paint, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the SNiP and other industry standards that regulate the rights of fire resistance of metal structures for specific facilities.

To create a reliable fire protection of the ventilation system, only certified products should be used. To apply the composition must be exclusively professionals - without special knowledge and skills related to compliance with fire safety requirements is almost impossible.

JSC "NPG Granit-Salamander" produces high-quality certified materials and performs professional fire-protection work. The range of products includes fire retardant paint for air ducts and other metal structures HCA LW. The coating retains fire-resistant characteristics for 15 years or more, meets the requirements of environmental safety, has a favorable price due to its own production.

You can order a fireproof coating directly on the site. If you need additional information, please call: +7 (495) 970-60-81, 641-23-82 - or use the "Ask a Question" form

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