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Fire extinguishing systems in archives

In archives, libraries, book-depositories the huge mass of papers of information which represents sometimes great cultural, historical, practical value are concentrated. The fires in such rooms can lead to elimination of unique documents. Fire extinguishing tactics in archives has to consist in elimination of the centers of ignition at initial stages. For this purpose it is necessary to equip rooms with modern fire extinguishing systems.

Choosing ways of fire extinguishing in archives, it is necessary to consider the following features:

  • in archives large volumes of papers — combustible materials which in case of ignition will be quickly destroyed by a flame are concentrated.
  • archives quite often are placed in socle rooms or have utility rooms in basement floors. Access to them can be complicated, danger of distribution of smoke is big.

Proceeding from features of archival rooms, requirements of fire safety provide their obligatory equipment by automatic fire extinguishing systems. Such systems find ignition and liquidate it, thereby provide fire extinguishing in archive without participation of people.

At the choice of a fire extinguishing system it is necessary to remember that not only fire, but also water leads to damage and death of papers. For this reason suppression of the fires in libraries and archives can't be carried out by means of water systems. In such rooms systems in which fire extinguishing substance are gas or an aerosol are admissible. But the gas system of suppression of the fires in the museums libraries and book-depositories is unsafe for health and health of people, it can be activated only after evacuation of all personnel. It, in turn, leads to loss of time and increase in risk of death of paper archives.

The most effective system in such conditions is aerosol automatic fire extinguishing in archives. Aerosol installations are made by NPG "Granit-Salamandra". The system is activated at temperature increase indoors and allocates an aerosol cloud. The aerosol provides bystry fire extinguishing in archives, at the same time doesn't damage paper and is harmless to human health.

The company NPG "Granit-Salamandra" makes a wide range of generators of a fire extinguishing aerosol. Automatic installations are successfully applied on various objects, including to protection of cultural and documentary values in archives, libraries, the museums.

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