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Fire extinguishing system on board

The vessel is a closed system, in which the increased requirements in terms of fire safety. Regardless of the type, destination, diving area, engine type, housing materials / add-ons and other parameters of water transport shall have an effective equipment for fire fighting . This will ensure the safety of staff / passengers and minimize the damage in case of an emergency.

Fire extinguishing system on board is designed in view of the possible causes of the fire & ndash; from the design features of the ship to the nature of the goods transported and the human factor. The most effective are automated systems that provide volume spraying fire extinguishing agent (water, steam, foam, aerosol) on open and hidden ways to flame propagation.

Ship fire extinguishing systems: basic requirements

According to the norms of the Russian River Register of Shipping and marine fire extinguishing systems in passenger and cargo ships, river / sea fleet, as well as tugs and other kinds of water transport should provide effective fire protection facilities such as:

  • engine rooms, boiler, generator, pump, distribution panels;
  • ventilation systems in rooms for mechanical and electrical equipment;
  • cofferdams and compartments of tanks for fuel, oil, bilge water collection;
  • pantries for storage of flammable liquids and gases;
  • general purpose rooms (for passengers and staff).

In recent years, to ensure the safety of ships is increasingly used aerosol fire extinguishing installation , due to their advantages over other types of fire extinguishing equipment.

Features of the aerosol fire extinguishing

Aerosol extinguishing system includes generators Fire-extinguishing aerosol (GOA), sensors (smoke, fire, temperature), startup sites, Sounder. If you find signs of fire run generators going, which emit into the room a cloud of gas and aerosol mixture. The composition quickly extinguishes the flame and long keeps fire extinguishing concentration, eliminating the possibility of re-ignition.

Advantages of aerosol fire extinguishing water transport

  • The high efficiency of fire & ndash; modular system covers all the compartments of the vessel, the generators are selected by size of the room (the protected volume depends on the model and is 2,2 & ndash; 134 m3).
  • Excellent performance & ndash; after installing the generators do not require periodic recharging units operating temperatures are in the range of +/- 50 & deg; C, smoothly functioning at a humidity level of objects up to 98%.
  • Economic efficiency & ndash; spray plants have the lowest rates of all types of fire extinguishing equipment, do not require maintenance costs and equipping a separate room under the extinguishing station.
  • Easy installation & ndash; cabling system for automation is carried on existing routes, generators do not need to connect to the utility networks, so the work can be carried out without taking the ship out of service.
  • Sustainability & ndash; aerosol mixture does not contain toxins and harsh chemicals, it does not cause appreciable harm to people and does not prejudice the costly ship units and electrical equipment.

NPG AO & laquo; Granite & ndash; Salamander & raquo; & Ndash; a leading global manufacturer of aerosol fire-extinguishing systems. We provide a full range of services & ndash; from the sale of equipment to the development of design solutions and professional installation of aerosol fire-extinguishing systems on all ships.

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