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Wooden structures protection

Firebioprotective wood impregnation HCA-BS
Wooden structures protection
Для повышения огнестойкости деревянных конструкций и биозащиты древесины от вредоносных грибков, насекомых и их личинок Подробнее

Firebioprotective compounds for wood are used for the processing of wooden structures of buildings and structures during internal and external finishing works. The main purpose of the compounds is to increase the fire resistance of the treated surface as well as protection from harmful microorganisms and insects.

The composition of fire retardant impregnations includes a biocidal component and a fire-retarding agent. Biocides are a group of chemicals designed to control insects and harmful microorganisms, for example, mold fungus. Biocides include pesticides and antiseptics. Pesticides (acarcides, insecticides) scare off harmful insects and antiseptics prevent the appearance of mold.

Fire-retarding agent is a flame retardant component in the composition of impregnation. The fire-retardant composition for wood can include many different chemical compounds that slow down the combustion (sulfate, phosphate and ammonium chloride, turbid acid, etc.). The principle of the fire retardant action depending on the composition consists in the release of gases that do not support combustion or in swelling with heating and the formation of a film that blocks the access of oxygen to the surface of the wooden structure.

Advantages of fire retardant impregnations

Fire protection composition for wood:

  • Does not change the structure and appearance of wooden structures;
  • Increases resistance to fire, prevents the spread of fire;
  • Is ecological and safe;
  • Extends the life of wooden structures;
  • Allows to build a constructions of wood in places of direct contact of structures with a moist environment.


How to choose a fire retardant for wooden structures

When choosing fire-protection protection it is necessary to clarify whether the product has passed mandatory certification. The required fire protection class should be considered. Typically the manufacturer indicates which class of fire protection provides the proposed composition. For example, for multi-apartment buildings and places of mass congestion people need maximum fire protection. Impregnations that provide such fire protection are more expensive than those used for individual construction.

The "Granit-Salamandra" company offers fire retardant protection HCA-BS with UV indicator for protection of wooden structures from ignition, harmful microorganisms and insects. Impregnation HCA-BS provides I and II classes of fire protection, does not emit toxic gases during combustion, provides fire protection up to 10 years for internal structures, effectively prevents the spread of mold.