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Protection of metal constructions

Flame Retardant HCA LW
Protection of metal constructions
Fire protection coating, water-based fire protection of metal structures. Подробнее

One of our products is flame retardant coating for metal surfaces. It is produced by Dutch technology using high quality raw materials. The flame retardant coating for metal surfaces is an effective means of fire prevention and conserves the durability of the metal properties at high temperatures.

The flame retardant creates a thermal insulation screen on the surface of metal structures. This slows down the heating of the metal. The screen protects the metal within a certain period of time in case of fire.

Using flame retardant treatment is an effective means of fire prevention and conservation of the durable properties of the metal at high temperatures.

Our company offers the flame retardant HCA LW  at an agreeable price. This coating is used successfully in more than 50 countries for the purpose of fire protection of metal structures in both residential as well as in industrial and public buildings.


  • affordable price;
  • high quality;
  • long life;
  • environmentally safe;