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Modules automatic fire-extinguishing, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Modules automatic fire-extinguishing
Depending on the extinguishing agent extinguishing systems have following classification.
Advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing generator, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Advantages of the aerosol fire extinguishing generator
In order to successfully put out fires and save lives, health and property, aerosol fire extinguishing generators are now widely used. Their principle of operation is significantly different from the principle of the traditional means of extinguishing a fire, which leads to a number of advantages of such equipment.
Fire extinguishing system on board, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Fire extinguishing system on board
The vessel is a closed system, in which the increased requirements in terms of fire safety. Regardless of the type, destination, diving area, engine type, housing materials / add-ons and other parameters of water transport shall have an effective fire-fighting equipment. This will ensure the safety of staff / passengers and minimize the damage in case of an emergency.
Firefighting in the boiler room, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Firefighting in the boiler room
Boiler room - technical room is designed to heat the coolant and transmission in water and heating systems. In view of the complex and explosive equipment and the use of different fuels, boilers necessarily equipped with a fire alarm system and effective fire-fighting installations.
Equipment for organization of aerosol fire-extinguishing systems, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Equipment for organization of aerosol fire-extinguishing systems
Aerosol fire - the most effective way of ensuring fire safety in confined spaces. The aerosol fire extinguishing generators act as fire-fighting equipment.
Fire safety facilities, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Fire safety facilities
The possibility of a fire is a potential danger to the premises for any purpose.
Fire Safety Electrical, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Fire Safety Electrical
Currently, the fire safety of electrical problem in Russia is becoming increasingly important. This is a frightening growth in the number of fires according to the statistics from different regions. The proportion of fires occurring on electrical reasons, over the last five years has increased by an average of 17%.
Fire safety categories, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Fire safety categories
According to local legislation fire safety is one of the most important functions of legal entities carrying out commercial or economic activities on the territory of Russia. This applies to all organizational and legal forms. Therefore, the design process of any industrial or utility room, as a rule, begins with the assignment of categories of explosive erected objects.
Fire safety of garages, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Fire safety of garages
Garage enterprises and private garages are classified as inflammable objects, which is largely due to the presence of combustible substances - fuel, gas mixtures, oils, paint formulations. To enhance the level of fire safety in the garage is necessary to observe appropriate safety precautions and the use of modern fire-fighting system.
Modern and effective methods of fire protection of metal, статьи Гранит-Саламандра
Modern and effective methods of fire protection of metal
The buildings, built with steel structures that are not protected from the effects of fire, have a low degree of fire resistance.