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Fire-extinguishing aerosol generators with labyrinth cooling

Type  Protected volume 
With labyrinth cooling

AGS-8/1 Recommended to use fire-extinguishing systems for premises of average volumes.

Protected volume: 60m3
Hours: 78sec
Weight: 10.0 kg
With labyrinth cooling

AGS-8/2 Recommended to use fire-extinguishing systems for premises of large volumes.

Protected volume: 124м3
Hours: 165с
Weight: 18.0 kg

The design of the fire-extinguishing aerosol generators with labyrinth cooling consists of the following main parts:

  • The exterior is made of metal.
  • A pyrotechnic charge which, when burned, releases aerosol, which performs the basic function of the generator - fire-fighting.
  • The labyrinth cooling system of the gas-aerosol mixture . Its presence in the generator provides a reverse turn of aerosol flow and, consequently, a significant lowering of its temperature. In this case, the fire extinguishing aerosol generators with a labyrinth cooling system have the same power and design simplicity as a kind of system with the injection of cooling.

Field of application of generators, which are presented in this section of our catalog - the establishment of effective fire fighting in different areas.

The company JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа" offers professionals the option to purchase the following models of fire-extinguishing aerosol generators with  labyrinth cooling systems:

  • AGS-8/1: This model is designed to protect various premises, used for different purposes, against fires
  • AGS-8/2: Generators of this model are used for fire protection of large facilities.