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Aerosol fire extinguishers with contact cooling

Type  Protected volume 
With contact cooling

AGS-2/4 is resistant to vibration, and is therefore recommended for the protection of vehicles. It is also used in areas of average volume.

Protected volume: 21 m3
Working time: 45sec
Weight: 4.6 kg
With contact cooling

AGS-6/1 is recommended for the protection of electronic equipment, high-voltage power installations, various high-frequency devices operating in vehicles, as well as for the protection of vehicles, since it corresponds to the requirements for vibration loads on railway / road and air transport.

Protected volume: 3.2 m3
Working time: 19sec
Weight: 1.0 kg
With contact cooling

AGS-6/2 It is recommended to form fire-extinguishing systems for premises of average volumes.

Protected volume: 52 m3
Working time: 37sec
Weight: 12.5 kg

The exterior part of fire extinguishing aerosol generators with contact cooling is made of metal and has a cylindrical shape. Inside the generator is located a pyrotechnic charge of AOC - aerosol composition. During the cooling of gas-aerosol mixture, the charge that generates during its combustion corresponds to the so-called contact cooler. The combustion of the products of the aerosol composition pass through the contact cooler and allow for the temperature to decrease before entering the room and/or area.

The company JSC "NPG Granit-Salamandrа" invites all who wish to purchase fire-extinguishing aerosol generators with contact cooling, which can be used for the following purposes:

  • Protection of vehicles (cars, buses and other). For this we offer the models AGS-2/4 and AGS-3, a characteristic feature of which is the resistance to vibration.
  • Protection of power installations (including high voltage), electronic and radio equipment. The best option for this could be the AGS-3 model.
  • Elimination of fires in buildings of an average capacity. In this case, the best option is the AGS-2/4, or AGS-6 model.