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Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Generator for Operational Use

Генераторы огнетушащего аэрозоля переносные серии АГС-15

Type  Protected volume 
Operational use

AGS-15/1 - portable fire extinguishing aerosol generator.

Protected volume: 60м3
Weight: 4,8 kg
Operational use

AGS-15/2 - portable fire extinguishing aerosol generator.

Protected volume: 100м3
Weight: 6 kg
Our company offers to buy high-quality portable fire-extinguishing aerosol generators of own production. This section presents throw fire extinguishers with different protected volume.

Aerosol generator operational use: features

Compact GOA carry out expeditious fire extinguishing of various objects — from motor transport to production / premises. After activation of knot of start the equipment generates an aerosol cloud which effectively localizes and stops burning of firm/liquid materials and electroinstallations (including energized).
Choosing figurative fire extinguishing means, it is necessary to consider the object size. Our company offers two models thrown with GOA:

  • AGS-15/1 — the protected volume to 60 m3;
  • AGS-15/2 — the protected volume to 100 m3.

Advantages of figurative aerosol generators:

  • usability — the compact case, small weight (to 6 kg), the handle for carrying and a pelting;
  • safety — an aerosol is generated in 5–7 seconds after start that allows to throw the device in the burning room safely.

It is possible to order generators of a fire extinguishing aerosol of expeditious application directly on the website. To get advice, call by phone or ask a question through a feedback form.