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Universal Air Cooled Generator AGS-11/6

Designed for generating gas-aerosol mixture at concentrations required to extinguish a fire.

Applies to:

AGS-11/6 is recommended for the protection of vehicles, electronic equipment, high-voltage power installations, various high-frequency devices operating in including vehicles, since it corresponds to the requirements of vibration loads on railway / road and air transport.

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AGS-11/6 is a compact, low metal cylindrical body with a nozzle opening on the exterior side. With its small size, the generator provides a significant protective capacity - up to 48,0m3.

By changing the design of the system, the mass fraction of the condensed phase has been significantly reduced and lowered the temperature of the generator frame. Has a large number of modifications of the type of attachment and the direction of the gas-aerosol spray.

Principle of operation:

By applying an electrical or thermal pulse on activation node *a solid aerosol charge is ignited. Products of combustion exit through the nozzle gap of the generator and enter the protected area.

Manufacturer's warranty:

The manufacturer guarantees the generator to the technical requirements and Russian standards if the consumer follows the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

The warranty period for the generator - 18 months.

Exploitation period - 5 years.

Service period - 10 years.


Maximum protected volume of conditionally sealed room
(d * <0,001 m-1)


Curb weight of the generator

4.5 kg

Weight of the aerosol charge

2.5 kg

Working time




235 mm


198 mm

Activation starter

UST-7.5 -built
BP-7.5-7.5-VRTH to screw

VEE, VELTH- to screw

Resistance of the activation starter

7,8 ± 0,8 Ohm

2.5 - 4 ohms

Minimum start-up current


0.4 А

Starting voltage


1.5 – 24

The duration of the trigger pulse

not less than 2.0 sec

not less than 0.1 sec

The inertia of the generator starter

<2.0 sec

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature Range

± 50 °С.

relative humidity at 25 ° C.


Classes of fire-fighting

Output spray around the perimeter of 360 °. Screw-node run VEE, VELTH, BP-7.5, VRTH.
AGS-11 / 6-01 
Output aerosol in two sectors of 80 °. Screw-node run VEE, VELTH, BP-7.5, VRTH.
Output aerosol sector 150 °.Screw-node run VEE, VELTH, BP-7.5, VRTH.

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